Supta Eka Pada Utkatasana (Sanskrit)

“Reclining One Foot Fierce Pose"


 Hip Flexibility, Increased External Thigh & Hip Joint Rotation

How To:

Intention/ Focus: External Thigh Rotation In The Hip Joint

Lay on back, knees bent, soles of feet on floor for proper alignment then draw feet up towards hips

Leave right foot on ground, bring right ankle to rest on left thigh on top of knee  [creating a Figure-4 Shape]

To deepen stretch, lift left foot off floor, bringing shin parallel to ground

>>Interlace fingers to hold back of left knee

>Wrap left hand behind left knee

>Place right hand behind left knee [through hole created by right knee and left leg]

Bend right elbow against right thigh, slightly below right knee

Simultaneously, bend left elbow & lift torso up toward right shin


Flex through both feet to protect knees

Keep right shin is parallel to both the ground & the end of the mat