Little OMies

kids yoga teacher certification

Teaching toddlers yoga is a beautiful gift. Lo is trained in “Kidding Around Yoga.” KAY encompasses the 5 branches of yoga in a clear engaging method. Calming your child through storytelling, singing, dancing, skipping, marching, jogging, shaking, laughing, hopping, and limbo‐ing ALL while practicing yoga to original KAY music.

Showing Up


Babies & toddlers are “the best” at yoga by nature. So many of my friends tell me that they “can’t do yoga”. The reasons all vary slightly, but the main thing stopping them is their inability to quiet the monkey mind. But that’s the whole point. To try. To be present. Yoga is for the self. No judging, no comparison, no good or bad. The only thing that a good yoga teacher asks of their students is that they breathe. The innocent enthusiasm that these kids brought to class, their eagerness to learn, set my heart ablaze instantly.

Koo Koo Head


Not only did these little yogis follow along with the poses and stories, but they had one of the more successful meditations I’d ever experienced. They attentively listened as I explained to them why we do yoga (so we don’t go koo koo head), actively participated in our discussions, and were fully engaged. I have a feeling that while interruptions were not absent, they were not sitting there thinking about their to-do list after class. I was beyond impressed with how present they were. When they did get a little off track, it was because of something happening in the “now.” A distraction here or there, but the key to starting a meditation is to do exactly what they did – observe what is going on. They were present before we even started the meditation.

Mini Meditation


Once the little cuties had learned that we do yoga in order to prepare our bodies for meditation, we put on our imaginary yoga glasses. Flipping these fake glasses set us up for our fingers to kiss, forming mudras, which we placed on our laps. We repeated our mantra, “Peace Begins With Me” 4x. We then whispered it four times, and silently chanted in our minds for the final four repetitions. As we said each word, we touched our thumb to kiss alternating fingers, keeping the kids in a rhythm of sorts.

Sun Salutations


Once I realized that these tots meant business, it was time to move it move it. We warmed up with some silly stories that correlated with age-appropriate yoga poses. This class wasn’t all unicorns and fairies, though.  I led them through three rounds of sun salutations, each one adding on a more challenging pose. They loved the challenge and I loved their attitudes! All of the poses were brand new to them. Even still, there was no second-guessing or negative self-talk. They just went for it! If they fell, they got back up. I’m starting to think that toddlers truly are the perfect students.