How To Improve Yoga Inversions With Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose FAQs The Sanskrit name for dolphin pose is Ardha Pincha Mayurasana. This asana works to stretch and strengthen your entire body. Benefits Dolphin provides a deep hamstring stretch that extends to the calf muscles and arches of the foot. [...]

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3 Modifications To Boat Pose For Core Strength

Modifications Make It Happen! An amazing asana for strengthening your core, boat pose can often by intimidating! In the infographic below, I demonstrate three different modifications to help build strength while working towards mastering the full expression of this posture. Always Remember The Yoga [...]

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How To Yoga Fundamentals: Reclined Figure-4 To Prevent Injury

Reclined Figure-4 Pose I first fell in love with reclined Figure-4 pose when I learned that it is really just a variation of pigeon pose.  AKA: Supta Eka Pada Utkatasana (Sanskrit) "Reclining One Foot Fierce Pose" Benefits: Hip flexibility Increased joint [...]

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