Rest Appointment

Thank you guys for your awesome recommendations on which wellness trends to try and review for you! Keep ’em coming! A few people recently mentioned sensory deprivation, also known as float therapy. Pain relief, relaxation, and improved sleep quality were just a few of the many benefits I found during my research. Sounded like a no-brainer – I was in! I booked an appointment at Kodwari; a local yoga, bodywork and wellness studio. The place was super clean, the staff was beyond friendly and the overall experience was awesome. I definitely recommend this place to anyone in Tampa Bay. Their website explains that the Floatpod® “creates a space for deep REST (Restricted  Environmental  Stimulus Therapy)”.



Keep It Clean

The pod has its own room, about the size of a massage studio. This is nice, as it eliminates the need for any privacy concerns. You need to shower before and after the float, which you can conveniently do in the same room. It is important to suds up good before the float in order to rinse away any chemicals or contaminants on your body. Showering after the float is also a must, to wash off the 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt that you just bathed in for an hour.

The Finer Details

  • Q: What do you wear?
  • A: Birthday Suit
  • Q: Do you need goggles or earplugs?
  • A: Goggles  – no. Earplugs are provided but mine kept falling out so I gave up on them and was fine.
  • Q: What if I have a cut? e.g., “getting salt in the wound”
  • A: Use petroleum jelly to create a barrier & it shouldn’t sting
  • Q: What if I get salt water in my eyes?
  • A: See below (“A Salty Snafu”)




JK – I carefully stepped in. The pod looked like the lovechild of a badass bathtub and an MRI machine. The top, or door, is on a hinge that you can easily open and close from inside the pod. A bit of light sneaks in through the crack so you are never in total darkness. 


sensory deprivation tank

Initial reaction

“No wonder women are obsessed with this thing. You feel completely weightless.” 

Always Pushing Buttons

You can choose to plug in music before starting your session. I decided that I wanted to float in silence, hoping to meditate. Meditating didn’t really happen, which was actually surprising. I meditate every day and find it enjoyable.

Looking back, there are a few factors that probably contributed to my monkey mind. Going into this experience, I knew that I would be writing a blog post about it. I think that this made it harder to relax because I felt like I was working, or “on alert” to make sure that I noted as many details as possible. Typically a professional when it comes to relaxing, I didn’t consider that this may be a problem. Whether this was the reason or not, I didn’t bring my most chill vibe to this space – it is what it is.

Maybe music would have helped “set the mood” but it was too late. It is what it is (not sure if I love or hate this saying). My monkey mind wasn’t totally SOL, however.

Reliving my favorite childhood pass time, I indulged in pressing the button that controls the inside pod light. With each press of the button, the pod changes to a new color. The options rotate in a loop, starting with white and ending with black (off).  It is almost as fun as making a Christmas tree with the elevator buttons.


Float Pod Gets Lit

How could I have forgotten the cheap thrill of pushing a button?  You can choose to keep the lights off, in one color, or in a rotation. I chose all of the above. There are reasons for the different colors. Chromotherapy (light therapy) is the science of the healing properties associated with certain colors.

Cool Colors: Calming, Relaxing, Stress, Pain, and Tension Relief

Warm Colors: Stimulating, Spark Creativity, Mental Clarity, Improved Focus


hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A Salty Snafu

I would never tell you anything I didn’t know for sure or test out myself. Unfortunately, I can confirm that the tub was indeed loaded with a ton of Epsom salt. My childhood antics caused me to get some salt water in my eye. It burned like a mother.

What To Do If You Get Salt In Your Eyes:

1. Don’t

2. If you’re Lauren (skip this step if you are a normal human)

  • find it kind of funny because I totally had it coming
  • grab your phone and record for the Youtube float pod video

3. Grab the spray bottle with fresh water on the edge of the pod

4. Spray like hell!

5. Wipe face with clean washcloth

6. Live to tell about it



Overall, it was a good experience and I definitely recommend giving it a try. Other reviewers agree that going more often, and for longer periods of time, lead to an increase in the benefits of the therapy.

I’m sure that some days will offer a better experience than others. This goes for pretty much everything in life from productivity to having a good workout.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

When Is The Best Time Of The Day To Float?

The best time of the day to float varies from person to person; just as some people are early birds and others are night owls. For no particular reason, I made my first appointment for 2:00 in the afternoon. Hoping to have less energy, I’m going to go as late in the day as possible for my next session.

Let’s Hear It!

Have you ever given float therapy a try? Why or why not? Do you have any questions?! I look forward to hearing your thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding this holistic treatment!