“Every sunrise is an invitation to brighten someone’s day”

Practicing yoga at sunrise is an amazing way to set yourself up for a successful day!


Child’s Pose

  • being on knees
  • stretch arms in front of you
  • allow hips to fall back towards heels


  • start on all fours (table top position)
  • knees under hips
  • wrists under shoulders
  • Cat

    • on inhale
    • push into hands as you round your back
    • suck belly button to spine
  • Cow

    • on exhale
    • allow your belly to dip
    • gentle backbend

Puppy Pose

  • hands reach out in front
  • melt heart to Earth
  • hips stack of knees

Downward Facing Dog

  • raise your hips to the sky
  • heels sink to Earth
  • release tension in head and neck by shaking or nodding head


  • standing
  • knees bent a little (or a lot!)
  • bend forward from hips
  • grab opposite elbows
  • sway side to side

Gentle Standing Backbend

  • firmly plant your feet on the ground
  • strong stance
  • inhale arms overhead
  • gently reach up and back