DIY Yoga Mat Spray

A sigh of relief washes over me whenever I step onto my yoga mat. This relatively thin piece of material is so much more to me than a surface. It is my sanctuary, my happy place. My yoga mat and I have been through it all together. After each session on my mat, I give it a quick spray and wipe it down.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your yoga mat regularly is an important habit to adopt. It is obvious that this sweat-collecting surface requires a wipe down for sanitary purposes. More importantly, however, is the respect tied to this ritual. Both you and your mat deserve to be properly taken care of. Minimal, yet continuous, maintenance will keep you both in good shape for a long time to come.

What You’ll Need


Amber Glass Bottles with Black Fine Mist Sprayers

Why does it matter if the class is clear or colored?

The amber tint on the glass protects the oils from deteriorating (breaking down) due to sunlight and other environmental factors.

Essential Oils


3 oz distilled water (can find at any grocery store)

(optional: use to print your own labels)




Fill 1/4 of the spray bottle with witch hazel

Alternately, you can use distilled white vinegar as a replacement.

Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled or natural spring water.

Drop in your essential oils.

A little goes a long way here. Begin with just a few drops; you can always add more!

I recommend starting with 10 drops of Melaleuca or Tea Tree essential oil, and 5 drops of Lavender essential oil.

Feel free to substitute this blend for one that you prefer. I love the combination above best. The strong antibacterial power of Melaleuca kills any germs that I am trying to get rid of during the cleaning process. At the same time, I enjoy the calming properties associated with the Lavender oil.

Screw on the cap and shake the bottle vigorously before each use.

Give your mat a few quick spritzes, wipe it down if you’d like, and you’re done!