Budget-Friendly Fitness

There is no arguing that gym memberships and boutique fitness studios can (and usually are) crazy expensive. Thankfully, we have other options. Some alternative ways to workout include doing bodyweight exercises at home, taking it outside, and so forth. Unfortunately, options such as the latter are missing one appealing concept; community.

Importance Of Community


A community like atmosphere is very helpful for someone looking to live a healthy lifestyle. First and foremost, we are social beings by nature. It feels good to be with other people; to find your tribe.

Motivation is something that people long to hold onto; especially in regards to reaching their fitness goals. Group settings offer the support that keeps you going when things get tough.

Self-care is just one of many tasks on life’s never-ending to-do list. The people or things that you are responsible for, rise to the top of the pile; leaving you and your personal goals on the back burner. By taking a free weekly class with a friend, for example, accountability is re-focused to healthy activities. Knowing that this date or even just your peers are there counting on you is often enough to make attendance a priority again.

In-Store Fitness Classes

A lot of stores offer free weekly fitness classes. I love the Sunday yoga classes offered at my local lululemon. Different local instructors teach the class each week, so it is also a nice opportunity to find a certain person or place that you may connect with.


Sundays at 10 am

Hyde Park Village, Tampa FL



Studio Sponsored Community Classes

Many fitness studios also host free community classes and events. One of my personal favorites is what Tampa locals know as “yoga in the park.” Downtown Yoga Tampa hosts an enormous outdoor yoga class each Sunday evening. The setting is gorgeous, and each time I attend I am overwhelmed by the love that I have for this health and wellness community.

Yoga In Curtis Hixon Park (Tampa)

Every Sunday at 6 pm (Daylight Savings Time)

Almost all yoga studios incorporate at least one (optional) donation class into their schedule each week. Check out the social media pages of those nearby you, and add these freebies to your calendar!