Excited To Be A Women’s Health Action Hero!

Set Big Goals & Make Them Happen Making friends with fear this year is paying off! One of my career goals for 2017 was to become an action hero for Women's Health Magazine! To be honest, I thought this goal was [...]

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How To Clear Negative Energy By Smudging

Smudging 101 Definition:Purifying a room with the smoke of sacred herbsPurpose:To clear a space of negative energyMost Common Herb To Burn:White SageMaterials Smudge StickMatches Abalone ShellFeatherDirections  1. Prepare The Space Time to set aside: 10-15 minutesGather materialsDeclutter, tidy, and cleanOpen windows to [...]

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31 Day Gratitude Journal Challenge & Reflection

Developing an attitude of gratitude is the easiest way to catapult your happiness. One of the things that I'm most grateful for in my life is my collection of gratitude journals- referring back is the perfect reminder of the abundance this beautiful [...]

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