10 Important Questions To Reflect On In Your Journal

Journaling: Where To Begin Writing in a journal allows you to become more mindful of what you want in life. From there, you can lay the track for the path that you want to create in order to [...]

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5 Reasons That You Need A Massage: It’s Good For Your Health!

Getting a massage is a great way to reduce stress, relieve pain, boost your immunity, improve your mood, and recover more quickly after working out. 1. Pain Relief Getting a massage is a great way to reduce muscle spasms. They [...]

My First Time In A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber & Benefits

Hyperbaric Oxygen TreatmentHyperbaric Oxygen Treatment has been around for decades, used initially to treat decompression sickness in scuba divers. Now the treatment's many benefits apply to the masses.Last weekend I tried it out for myself. The results I found after [...]

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Excited To Be A Women’s Health Action Hero!

Set Big Goals & Make Them Happen Making friends with fear this year is paying off! One of my career goals for 2017 was to become an action hero for Women's Health Magazine! To be honest, I thought this goal was [...]

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How To Increase Strength and Flexibility With A Yoga Wheel

1. Wide Leg Child's Pose Main Benefit: Hip flexibility Bring your knees the width of the mat Allow your hips to open Rest your chin on the wheel 2. Extended Child's Pose Main Benefit: Back stretch Bring your knees hip [...]

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The #1 Wish For My Generation And My First Giveaway!

Scribbled on a post-it note on my desktop is the saying, Hustle and heart will set you apart. "Millenials" - that's what they call us. A generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs that are living longer. While we may have more time and more [...]

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What You Need To Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Choosing A Class   Who knew that there are SO many different yoga class styles? Isn't yoga just, yoga? From heavy metal yoga to naked yoga, and everything in between, choosing which class is best for you can seem overwhelming [...]

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