Benefits Of Using A Yoga Bolster

bolster - reclined butterfly 

Bolsters are game-changing props for deepening any yoga practice. They are great for beginners; helping them to ease their way into more challenging asanas. At the same time, seasoned yogis benefit from bolsters by making challenging poses more accessible.

The support of the bolster protects your back and allows for total relaxation. If you do not own or have a yoga bolster available, feel free to get creative in using what you do have on hand. Common household items, like blankets and pillows, are great alternative substitutions for bolsters.


Prop Up Your Legs In Savasana AKA Corpse Pose


Laying flat the floor like we often do in corpse pose, or savasana, can be very aggravating for people that suffer from lower back pain. Support your lower back in this posture by positioning a yoga bolster underneath your knees / upper thighs.  Slightly bending your knees allows your back to relax. This translates to the pose itself becoming more comfortable overall; allowing you to sink deeper and get the most out of your time on the mat.

Relax Forward Onto The Bolster During Folding Postures


The support of this prop or a substitution such as a pillow will allow you to completely relax into the pose. By essentially bringing the floor closer to you and making it more accessible, you will now be in a position to let go. Melt in the pose, knowing that you are safe and supported.


Lay Back & Rest Length Of Your Spin The Long Ways On The Bolster

bolster - open chest 

Backbends are important, yet often intimidating parts of a complete yoga practice. Lay back and use this opportunity to prop yourself up, relaxing back and releasing, in a similar fashion as we just did in the above postures.  This supportive lift is a great way to elevate your chest further during heart opening poses.


bolster - reclined hero

Place The Bolster Underneath Your Seat

bolster - reclined butterfly 

Sit back on your hips to find a steady sense of ease as you progress into kneeling backbends, such as camel pose, demonstrated here.