The Best Gifts To Get Your Yoga Girl This Valentines Day

Yes, Valentines Day is just another Hallmark Holiday. The perfect Valentine's Day presents to woo the yogi or yogini in your life, at any budget. What to get for the girl that has everything, and wants nothing - but really, [...]

The Best Exercises To Do On An In-Trinity Board

In-Trinity Board The unique design of the In-Trinity board allows you to take advantage of gravity and negative space as you build strength, deepen flexibility and improve balance, coordination, and agility.   Johnny G, who also casually introduced [...]

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How To Increase Strength By Doing Yoga With Weights

When I am really looking to tighten & tone, I incorporate light to moderate dumbbells in my daily yoga practice. For this sequence, I used 5 lb. weights. If you don't have any on hand, you can always improvise with [...]

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