How To Make Relaxing Lavender Infused Washcloths

I love adding a special touch to my yoga classes by providing my students with cool essential oil washcloths to lay over their eyes during savasana. While many different essential oil blends work, I prefer lavender, due to it's relaxing [...]

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Win A Free FabFitFun Box, $10 Off, Insider Look

$10 Off Promo Code For Everyone! Use this link for $10 off your first FabFitFun box!   Want To Try It For Free? Giveaway Time Congratulations to the following winners of this contest! @mervyndalesgirl @michellechanphoto & @kaizenfashion I'm giving away FREE Starter Boxes [...]

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How To Improve Yoga Inversions With Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose The Sanskrit name for dolphin pose is Ardha Pincha Mayurasana.  Benefits This asana works to stretch and strengthen your entire body. Dolphin provides a deep hamstring stretch that extends to the calf muscles and arches of the foot. [...]

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