How To Deal: 5 Tips

 1. Hydrate

Drinking plenty of water is your best bet at beating the dreaded bloat that comes with your period. While making sure to load up on fluids, try to be mindful that caffeine and sugary drinks are a huge no-no when downing liquid.

2. Heat

Combat cramps with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Heat helps muscles relax and therefore is a great tool to use when you need to soothe cramps. Alternatively, another good option is to soak in a warm bubble bath or indulge in a hot shower.

3. Massage / Stretch

Gently massage your lower abdomen in light, circular motions to ease the pain. Listen to your body. Stretch to loosen any tight muscles. Take care of yourself.

stretchphoto: adria rebbecchi

4. Eat Right

This one can get tricky as cravings often want to join in on the PMS party. This is a total bummer as these salty, sugary snacks can make cramps much worse. Focus on eating foods to fuel your body. By consuming foods rich in nutrients your energy will be more likely to stay steady throughout the day. As always, remember moderation is key.

5. Exercise

plankphoto: adria rebbecchi

The endorphins that we get from exercise not only boost your mood, but they are also literally pain killers. They can keep your mind in check while also easing discomfort. As always, it is best to listen to your body and do what feels good. Yoga is a perfect practice for this time of the month as it is a nice blend of gentle movement and stretching.