The Best Gift: A Yoga Retreat With My Dad

Downward Facing Dad

Until recently, my father wouldn’t be caught dead at a yoga retreat. Zen is not exactly his thing, and he just may well have combusted from all of the energy that needs to let out on a daily basis.

My dad & I have always been too similar. A spitting image of him in many ways, his similarities to me, in all of the ways, made me cringe for years. As time passed, the little annoyances that bothered both of us, more so about ourselves than each other, became obvious. 

Realizing this instantly brought us closer; now we can laugh about the oddities that we are fortunate/unfortunate to share. Just kidding, kind of. In true Steve fashion, he, of course, wanted to make this right; better than right. And boy did he win the prize with this one – booking a 3-day daddy daughter yoga retreat for the two of us in Miami, come January 2018. No, he’s not a yogi. Yes, he’s the best selfless father that I am so lucky to have. I cannot only wait to spend time with him, but I am over the moon that we will be doing so in a beautiful setting where I can share my passion, yoga, with him. Thank you, Dad, I am forever grateful for all that you have and continue to do for myself, our family, and the community at large.

Yoga Retreat FAQs


Location: Palms Hotel & Spa, Miami Beach, USA



  • Yoga Classes
  • Meditation and Workshops
  • Daily organic smoothie or juice
  • Discount on spa and fitness center access
  • Thursday evening welcome dinner
  • 3 Nights’ Accommodation

Beyond Yoga

Swimming / Water Activities


  • Pool
  • Boating
  • Beach
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Health & Fitness


  • Health Club
  • Spa
  • Tennis
  • Boardwalk
  • Golf
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