Wanderlust 108

“Wanderlust 108 combines three mindful activities—running, yoga, and meditation—in your favorite local park. It’s a celebration of the mindful movement, a chance to ground down so you can rise to even greater heights.”


The World’s Only Mindful Triathlon

FOMO washed over me when I saw that Wanderlust108 would be coming to Tampa for the second year in a row, on the same weekend as my dad’s birthday (in RI). Irma rolled in a few weeks ago, which unexpectedly landed me in RI – this is where the silver lining peeks through! We were are to celebrate early, clearing my schedule for the field day of my dreams.



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Most of my friends aren’t into yoga, which is totally cool – to each his own. We have plenty of fun doing pretty much anything and everything else together. I do wish that they could enjoy fun events like this with me sometimes, though.

Alone I went. And while I hate to admit that the thought of this made me a tad weary for a moment here or there, at the end of the day it was totally worth going solo. After all, 2017 isn’t over yet; I still have plenty of getting comfortable being uncomfortable to do.  Silver lining again – this opens the door for new friendships.

For the first time in a long time (okay, probably forever), I was actually early – like really early. Even waiting in line was fun as I received tribal face & body paint from an adorable boho chic artist. The team behind this event clearly knew what they were doing, as the entire day flowed seamlessly from one part of this wellness dreamland to the next.

Meeting new people throughout the day made this such a special experience. I was also able to connect with some newer students who now attend the same yoga teacher training that I did – small world.

Run. Dance. Yoga. Meditate.


kris holman photography

My kind of party is an understatement. I smiled for 8 hours straight.


Running used to be such a passion of mine. A few slipped discs as a result of a car accident put even jogging on the back burner for me for so long. Yoga was key in my recovery and healing so it was nice to finally be able to push myself again. Runner’s high is real people.  The vibes were high from starting line and the energy of the crowd / my community carried me from start to finish – I felt amazing. This positivity was continuous – it lasted the entire day.


Disclaimer: I wrote all of that nice 5k jargon above two days after the race. While all of that is true, there were also definitely #struggles to be had throughout the race. Running is HARD. A silver lining for the 3rd time – yoga felt amazing in a whole new way. Of course, the stretch and movement were appreciated. What I loved just as much though, was the peaceful feeling of exhaustion. Self-care and balance have become such a focus in my life that sometimes I may sway too far to that end of the scale. It feels damn good to work your ass off sometimes!


The day wrapped up with an amazing guided meditation. Sending love to the community sitting so close to me was an experience that I am so grateful to have had. Grit, gratitude, and connection are the 3 keys to happiness in life. In one afternoon I was #blessed with all 3.

Thank you Wanderlust, I love you.  Tampa, you’re my favorite. You have my heart.


kris holman photography