Yes, Valentines Day is just another Hallmark Holiday.

The perfect Valentine’s Day presents to woo the yogi or yogini in your life, at any budget. What to get for the girl that has everything, and wants nothing – but really, kind of wants something.


I know that you don’t need one specific day to love your partner; why can’t every day be Valentines Day? While we all know that the 14th of February is pretty bogus, it is what it is, so you might as well make the most of it. Personally, I love 02.14, which probably brings my boyfriend more stress and anxiety than it’s worth.

Yogis are the worst to buy presents for during holidays. A card & chocolate usually do the trick. But wait, she’s vegan. It’s true that a flower would make my day, and all I really want is peace love and gratitude. And so it goes.

Once again, let’s be realistic. If giving gifts is part of this lovely lame tradition, what the hell do you get the girl who wants nothing in particular? Hakuna Matata my friend, I’ve got your back. I’ve separated the gift ideas into sections of similar items, but in them, I tried to offer a couple tiers of pricing.

Yoga & Meditation Jewelry

Charm Bracelets

Now in Rose Gold

Mala Beads Necklace

I Am Intuitive Mala

For Her Zen Den

Custom Meditation Box

Zen Wishing Stone

Good Vibes

Hidden Crystal Candle

Soothe The Soul Yogi Candles

Chakra Bath Salts Set

Fitness Fashion & Function

APL Athletic Propulsion Labs Running Shoes

Meditation Scarf Blanket

Prasada Blanket Scarf