How To Float In A Sensory Deprivation Tank & My First Time

  Rest Appointment Thank you guys for your awesome recommendations on which wellness trends to try and review for you! Keep 'em coming! A few people recently mentioned sensory deprivation, also known as float therapy. Pain relief, relaxation, and [...]

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How To Improve Hockey Performance With Yoga

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How To Crush Your First Yoga Instructor Audition

You've completed your teacher training, sun salute in your sleep, and yet it is still straight up scary preparing for your first audition to become a yoga teacher. Like everything in life, if you are prepared, you will be confident, [...]

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Cupping Benefits & How I Saved Thousands On The Therapy

Cupping Therapy Cupping Therapy caught some serious airtime during the Rio Olympic games. The huge hickeys scattered on the shoulders, backs, and bodies of the world's most elite athletes sparked discussion about what caused these bruises. Source: Men's Health Cupping [...]