Here and there I had seen Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Lamps when visiting friends or family, but I never gave them much thought. My interest peaked when I started noticing that they were also in a lot of doctor’s offices. I wondered if there was a reason for this.  After looking into them further, I learned that they offer benefits far beyond aesthetics. Impressed by my findings I decided that I needed one as well. At last, I am the proud new owner of this little guy; my first Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt Lamp.

Himalyan Salt Lamp


Air Purification

As the salt absorbs moisture from the air, it also takes positive ions, purifying the air. By eliminating contaminants in the air, these lamps have helped treat insomnia, as well as aid in the relief of headaches and migraines.

Breathing Assistance

Expelling negative ions back into the air improves lung function allowing us to breathe easier.

Soothes Coughing

By removing air contaminants the respiratory system is soothed, reducing associated symptoms, such as coughing.

Allergy/Asthma Symptom Relief

The increase in cilia activity that the negative ionizing properties of these salt lamps produce can mitigate asthma and allergy symptoms. When the lamp is lit and emitting negative ions, it is naturally clearing the air of allergens. Smoke odors, pet dander, and other air pollutants will be minimized, reducing irritation. Skin conditions have also been reported to respond well to the lamps. Airborne viruses will be mitigated in addition, lowering the risk of contracting the cold or flu.

Increased Energy and Alertness

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps (HPL) increase oxygen flow to the brain. This circulation also is said to reduce stress, improve mood and boost performance. mentions, “Not only will it help clean the air and expose you to at least some negative ions, it may also help counteract electromagnetic radiation and provides a gentle, soothing pink glow."

Love Life Every Minute

“Fresh air impoverishes the doctor." -Danish Proverb


While the light bulb needs to occasionally be replaced in these lamps, the actual salt part will last forever. The bulbs should be easy to pick up at any local hardware or light store.

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