Salt Lamps

I’ve seen Himalayan pink crystal salt lamps for over a decade now, but until recently, I hadn’t really given them much (if any) thought. My curiosity increased when I noticed that they are especially common in places associated with health and wellness. This led me to wonder whether this was just a coincidence, or if there was something special about these lamps (that I was missing out on). After a little bit of research, I too, now owned this somewhat peculiar piece of home decor.

These lamps are a great addition to any space for a variety of reasons. First of all, the lamps are aesthetically pleasing. You can find them in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most of them, such as the one that I recently bought pictured below, are compact and affordable. When given the option, I prefer to brighten my rooms with this type of lamp. I find the softer, orange-hued glow to be calming and enjoy their overall vibe. Most notably, these lamps act as natural air purifiers.


Air Purification

The unusual orange shape that makes up the lamp is exactly what it looks like; a chunk of salt. Naturally, the salt absorbs moisture from the air.  During this process, the salt absorbs positive ions from the air at the same time. In doing so, the lamp acts as a natural air purifier. In addition to taking positive ions from the air around us, the lamp also expells negative ions back into the air.

Breathing Assistance

Whenever the lamp is lit, it is continuously emitting negative ions. This clears improves the air quality and makes breathing much easier. Many researchers go as far as to say that this results in an increase and improvement in how our lungs function overall.

Soothes Coughing

Removing contaminants from the air directly affects the respiratory system, as well. The purified air is soothing. It even mitigates related symptoms, such as wheezing and/or coughing. Clearing the air of any airborne viruses reduces the risk of contracting the cold or flu.

Allergy/Asthma Symptom Relief

Airborn allergens such as smoke odors, pet dander, and other pollutants are also minimized. As a result, people see fewer symptoms, such as irritation. In fact, many skin conditions have been reported to respond well to the lamps.

Increased Energy and Alertness

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps (HPL) supply an increased flow of oxygen to your brain. Improved circulation is directly related to lower stress levels and better moods, in addition to boosting performance. mentions, “Not only will it help clean the air and expose you to at least some negative ions, it may also help counteract electromagnetic radiation and provides a gentle, soothing pink glow.”

“Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.” -Danish Proverb