If you are thinking about trying out yoga, go into the practice with an open mind. There are so many thoughts or preconceived notions surrounding the topic. These myths have been around for a long time; yoga is an ancient practice. Let’s bust the most common falsehoods here.

1. All Yogis Are Skinny Vegan Hippies


As with everything in life, each individual is unique to him or herself.  Yoga is a personal journey of exploring your inner self. There is no defining factor that either makes or doesn’t make someone a yogi.

2. Yoga Doesn’t Contribute To Weight Management


Yoga is the epitome of something being “harder than it looks.” The practice combines the physical challenges of balance, strength, and endurance. While yoga may be low impact, it still elevates your heart rate and builds strength.

Most weight issues revolve around overeating or emotional eating. Beyond being a great form of exercise, yoga brings a mindfulness practice that stays with you whether you are on or off the mat. This grounding energy will help you make better choices when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially in regards to eating.

3. You Need To Be Flexible To Do Yoga

forward fold

Anyone can start doing yoga no matter how flexible or inflexible they may be. Your flexibility will increase with practice; everyone has to start somewhere. Saying that you are too inflexible to do yoga is like saying that you are too dirty to take a bath. Yoga is the way to get there.

4. You Need To Start Practicing Yoga When You Are Young


Yoga is a great activity for all ages. I personally (Lo) teach toddlers, kids, adults, and seniors. Each class moves at its own pace. Most importantly, everyone benefits regardless of how long they have been practicing.

5. All Yoga Classes Are Time Consuming


Not everyone has time for a full 60 or 90-minute yoga class. Just like any other form of exercise, yoga can be modified to work into your life. Especially once you establish a home practice, you’ll find yourself sneaking in poses or sun salutations in between your daily tasks.

6. Yoga Is Bad For (Insert Injury Here)


Quite contrary! Yoga is a great low impact form of exercise and is a great way to prevent and heal injuries. Many professional sports teams incorporate yoga into their training; the practice is extremely beneficial for both male and female athletes.

7. Yoga Is Expensive


There are numerous online yoga channels that host free classes for people to do at home. Many studios offer at least one donation or free community class per week. Once you become comfortable with your own yoga practice, it is very practical to cultivate a home practice that you do on your time, also for free. Another thing that is nice about yoga is that it doesn’t require any fancy equipment. All you need to practice is your body and a comfortable surface.

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