Mala Necklaces

Mala necklaces are gorgeous pieces of jewelry.  Beyond aesthetics, mala necklaces, which are also referred to as prayer beads, are meaningful spiritual tools for many people.

108 precious gemstone beads adorn each necklace. There are dozens of theories explaining why the number 108 is believed to be sacred. These crystals carry healing energy with them. The specific blessings or vibes are unique to each individual crystal. a wide variety of healing properties.

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People have used mala necklaces in their meditation practices for ages. A mantra is a hymn or statement that is spoken repeatedly. To use the mala necklace during mantra meditation, simply touch each bead with your fingers as you repeat your mantra. Once you have reached the end of this string, you may decide to bring your meditation practice to a close or to repeat the process again. Just wearing the necklace is also great, because it serves as a physical reminder of your intentions.


The star indicates items or tools that you may like to use when making your mala necklace, but they are not necessary to complete the project.


Step 1: Slide The Tassel & Guru Bead Spacer Onto The Cord

Thread the small metal ring attached to the end of the tassel onto your cord.

Bring both ends of the cord together, folding the string in half. Position the tassel at this halfway point. This will be the focal point of your necklace.

Slide both ends of this cord through the guru bead spacer.

malaFollow the spacer with the actual guru bead, sliding them both down to meet the tassel.


*Tip: If you have trouble stringing the cord through the bead holes, use a small dab of super glue to prevent the ends of the string from splaying.

Step 2: Add The Beads

Note: The necklace will have 108 beads total; 54 on each sideS

malaString 54 beads onto both sides of the focal point, adding one bead at a time. Tie a small knot on top of each bead before progressing to the next.

The final knot will be between the two sides (54/54) at the nape of the neck.

Troubleshooting: Clogged Bead


If you are having difficulty stringing the cord through the bead, it is probably due to extra material where the bead hole is supposed to be. In this case, insert the clog removal as far as you can into the current hole. Gently twist the tool back and forth, shaving down the excess material and getting it out of your way.

Step 3 (Optional): Add A Charm Or Pendant


Use jewelry pliers to gently pry open the small metal ring at the end of the tassel.

Slide the pendant on to the tassel ring.

Use pliers to gently bend the tassel ring back together, sealing the charm in place.