Breathe. Stretch. Shake. Let It Go.

Sean Combs, P Diddy, Guru Puff – whatever you want to call him – homie has a great sense of yoga philosophy. Everyone has their shit. Life happens.

Respond Vs. React

One of the most helpful lessons I’ve learned so far in yoga is to see my emotions as they are. With that being said, it’s a little easier to be mindful of things I may want to say in reaction to any given moment. These are the things that people often regret later. For example, I now know better than to speak AT ALL – TO ANYONE – when I have my period. ๐Ÿ™‚ In all seriousness, however, learning to observe a situation and respond vs. react saves your ass a lot – in the present and future. While we can’t control the circumstances that life throws at us, we can control our perception of them. In addition, we can control how, if at all, we let these circumstances affect us.


It’s crazy how quickly we forget to breathe. After all, it really is our one job. Thanks to the amazing body and this being an automatic process, we don’t typically even notice if we are breathing. Likewise, when we are caught up in the moment, it is easy to ignore the cues your breath gives you when it becomes shallow or uneasy. “Take a deep breath.”


Mental stress can cause your body to hold tension. We experience this as waking up with a stiff neck, being blinded by an agonizing migraine, and having more knots stealing our attention than a Boy Scout. As we allow our body to release tension, our mind too can relax. The modern lifestyle doesn’t always allow for us to go about our days in an ergonomically correct nature. To counter this, it is important to set aside time to let our bodies stretch and lengthen.


Shake it off. Move. Do what feels good. Allow your head to hang heavy. Let your jaw open and close a few times. Roll that bowling ball brain around your fragile neck. When you fall into a slump or a rut, literally shake it off. Allow the blood to circulate in your body, bringing in a fresh supply of oxygen.

Let It Go

At the end of the day, the truth is that we cannot control influencing factors that affect the environment in which we live. The only thing promised in life is change; which is a huge stressor in and of itself. Pick your battles. With others and yourself. Is “it” worth it? Does worrying change the circumstance?

“Worrying means you suffer twice.” -J.K. Rowling