Hurricane Irmahurricane

Hurricane Irma has been making her way closer and closer to Tampa Bay. The potentially devastating consequences that could result if she does hit us are frightening. A frenzied state has everyone on edge as they frantically do their best to prepare for the storm.

The Calm Before The Storm

While panic ensued this morning, I was fortunate enough to be able to practice yoga at the local studio. Of course, energy is contagious. At the end of the day, however, we are ultimately responsible for the energy that we bring into our space. It was so comforting to let go of the anxiety around the hurricane and just be present on my mat.

Let It Go

I’m prepared & respect the importance of an emergency being what it is; especially when it comes to Mother Nature. She’s a badass bitch. But, once I had my ducks in a row (and plenty of water!), worrying truly no longer served me. So, I let it go. The greatest gift yoga has given me is the space to let go of that which no longer serves me.

Worrying Means You Suffer Twice


I feel strong, safe, peaceful, and grateful.