I am so in love with my healthy human water bottle that I had to share some some info about the product with you guys. And of course, give one away to y’all as well!


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1) They Make It Easy

All bottles come with a free carabiner, which is amazing when I am on-the-go and need a free hand. They also offer a variety of different tops to chose from, ensuring that you’ll find the bottle easy to drink from in any situation. I have dropped my stein more times than I’d care to admit and it honestly looks good as new.

2) Born In The USA

Healthy Human was born in South Carolina. The company definitely enthuses that Southern Charm and that may have had a little something to do with why I love them so much. Supporting good, relatable people is something that I try to make a priority of mine when shopping. Even more importantly, all of their products are ethically made.

3) Eco-Friendly

Not So Fun Fact: Most used water bottles end up in landfills and take more than 1,000 years to decompose!

4) Only The Best Quality

Every Healthy Human bottle is made out of 100% premium food grade 18/8 stainless steel.

Just as important to know is what the bottle are made without. This brand passes the test;  all products are 100% BPA-free and 100% Phthalate-free.

Fall Gratitude Giveaway!


Today I’m grateful for all of the things, especially fresh clean potable water kept nice and chilled in my healthy human stein! I’m giving away a healthy human bottle (winner’s choice of stein, cruiser, size, and color!) to share the love!


The winner has been chosen & contacted for this giveaway. Congratulations to @laiayoga – your cruiser is on it’s way!

Happy Hydrating Friends :)! 

15% Off Healthy Human Promo Code: loelizabeth15

Healthy Human has provided me with these products, however, my review is based on my own feelings and experiences with the product.