Staking Real Estate In The Real World

Buying my first home, a fixer upper, was an achievement that brought me more than just a place to live. My (old) new residence gave me a feeling of pride; it represented an important milestone in my life – entering “the real world.”

An Investment In My Future


Tommy (my boyfriend) moved in shortly after, signifying “the next step” (dun dun dunnn) in our relationship. My connection to this place grew as it continually took on more meaning in my life. It was the first place that I would break a nail (JK but IRL I busted my ass fixing this place up!)… anyway, you get the idea.

Patio Paradise

While grateful to have a small patio, the amount of work that needed to be done in such a tiny space was impressive. Months of digging up old stumps and an accumulated many miles back and forth to the dumpster, slowly created a spot for my own little piece of paradise.

Fruits Of My Labor

I looked forward to having fresh herbs on hand for dishes & drinks. Natural herbal remedies and “making potions” out of plants is my kind of party.  Just as a young child or adopted puppy do in a way that is hard to describe, this garden rewarded me with more mental benefits than I ever thought possible.

1. A Fresh Perspective 


Look On The Bright Side

Finally, a chance to slow down, take a step back and realize the bigger picture. Spending time outside, and being active, are both positively correlated with a more positive outlook.

Parenting Practice?

Gardening is perfect for my current phase of life. Not yet ready to raise a kiddo (or even a dog, TBH), growing a garden is the perfect opportunity for me to still be responsible for something that is alive, aside from my own life other. The proud mama syndrome that I get watching each new bud blossom (okay…and something staying alive longer than a week!) is ridiculously exciting, oddly satisfying, and extremely rewarding.

 2. Sunshine

Getting outside is something that we are reminded of as children, but the importance is just as great for adults. Also known as the “sun vitamin”, Vitamin D is the main benefit that we soak up when spending outdoors (…in the sun). A mere 10 minutes out in the midday sun reduces risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression.

3. Reminder To Stay Present


Spending time in nature strengthens our connection with Mother Earth. All five senses are stimulated in the garden, enhancing the overlooked miracle that is life! Gardening offers a chance to stop, breathe in the fresh air and realize how beautiful it is to be alive.

4. Relaxation


Easy, repetitive tasks are key factors in determining what makes an activity relaxing. This includes the basic maneuvers of watering, pinching, pruning, weeding, and hoeing. Giving your hands something to do allows your mind to finally be still for a bit.

5. Reduced Risk Of Dementia / Alzheimer’s Therapy



Researchers have reported that daily gardening can reduce the risk of dementia by 36%; a factor higher than all other influential factors weighing in the likelihood of one developing the disease.


In an article on, Alissa Sauer explains that “Research shows activities that engage the senses provides those with Alzheimer’s positive emotions that they may no longer experience regularly.”