The carb options are plenty in the city of love. Croissants and macaroons harass you at every street corner. Thankfully, however, the art inside and nature outside is also abundant.  Here are my best tips for staying fit while vacationing in France.

1. Get Outside


Catching Some Sun At The Beach In Cannes

Spend the majority of your time outside. Outdoor sports such as skiing are very popular in France. Run, trek or hike through new territory. Luxuriate in an invigorating swim. Enjoy the vast and boundless beauty that France has to offer.

2. When In Doubt, Walk It Out

When in France, do as the French do. Move your body. The French pursue walking in the same regard that Americans pursue finding the closest parking spot to a store. They stroll with their children to school, mosey on down to the local market and traverse through the parks.

3. Sight See On Foot


Sunset View From The Top Of Arc De Triomphe

Slow down and see the sights by foot. It is easy to stay alert and active in this beautiful country as your attention is drawn to the many wonders it offers. Stroll along the Seine River in Paris or pace the beach in the South of France. With miles of gardens and the biggest museums to explore by foot in the world, staying active is not only feasible but also enjoyable.

4. The Ultimate Stair Stepper

The Eiffel Tower offers an epic way to get your steps in; around 700 to be precise. While doing so is not the most leisurely option, choosing to take the stairs is my favorite way to explore the Eiffel Tower. 

A Few Tips:

  • Bring water
  • Dress in layers
  • Go at your own pace
  • Feel free to take breaks
  • Stop every so often to enjoy the views

5. Practice Moderation



Pleasure is something that the French include in their healthy lifestyle. At the same time, they also practice moderation. So feel free to indulge; just do so mindfully.

6. Take A Bike Tour

Suggestion:  Versailles Bike Tour

Granted, I haven’t done the real Tour De France, this bike tour is pretty awesome by my standards. A great way to stay active and a bit faster than walking in a city with so much to see in so little time, pedaling through Paris is a win-win way to explore the city.

The tour offers:

-views of The Royal Gardens

-exploration of the world-famous chateau

-a snack stop at the Versailles farmer’s market

-retracing the steps of French royalty in the Versailles forest & Grand Canal

-a rare look at Marie Antoinette’s village

-sights of The Grand & Petit Trianons