I bought this acupressure mat after trying one out a few years ago at Rasa Lila, a local yoga festival. It is like a modern-day bed of (plastic) nails. The main benefits of the mat include relief from exhaustion, insomnia, and pain.

Sleeping on my back is one of those “shoulds" that I would love to be able to do nightly. I have tried everything from placing a yoga bolster under my knees to investing an insane amount of money in pillows that promised they’d do the trick. When it is time to doze off I pretty much always wind up coiled in a little ball, regardless of these upgrades.

The first night that I had this acupressure mat, I brought it to bed with me. Since it is supposed to help with relaxation, I laid it on top of my sheet and under my body, as I got settled in my bed. My boyfriend Tommy came home a few hours later from a late work event and woke me up. I was still laying on the mat – on my back! Clearly, this thing works!

What Is It?

The acupressure mat is made out of thick cotton and a plant-based eco foam. Plastic spikes resembling golf cleats cover both mats. There are 6,120 points on the main mat; 1,782 points on the smaller neck pillow. The overall idea is similar to acupuncture/acupressure that is done by a professional. A lot of people like to use the mat between appointments with a specialist that can target certain areas.

Having a large number of spikes covering the mat increases the odds that a novice will hit acupressure points. We have over 100 acupressure points on our backs (aka meridians). The downside is that while the mat covers a large surface area, it does not allow for the targeting of specific points.



  • stimulates nerves & improves blood circulation

    • increases energy
    • improves muscle recovery
    • promotes faster healing
  • self massage

    • pain relief
    • stress relief
    • reduces anxiety
    • increases sleep quality
  • release endorphins / oxytocin (“feel-good" chemicals)

    • boosts mood
    • relaxes muscles
    • blocks pain

How To Use


  • lie with back on the pad (bare skin or thin t-shirt) for 20-40 minutes

    • pain relief
    • improved sleep
    • reduced tension
  • lie with your belly on the pad for 10-20 minutes

    • increases abdominal circulation
    • centering
    • energizing
  • lay with your face resting on the pad for 5 minutes

    • relief from facial tension
    • fresh glow
    • face-lift effect
  • stand on the mat for 5-20 minutes

    • headache relief
    • reduces foot pain
  • use up to 20 minutes

    • energy



Q: Will it leave a mark?

  • A: The points do leave impressions in your skin and many people experience redness, both of which usually go away within an hour or so

Q: Will it puncture my skin?

  • A: No, just use common sense and be gentle/careful

Q: Can you use with bare skin?

  • A: Yes, I prefer it and it is recommended. If it is too extreme at first, you can create a thin barrier with a shirt or sheet.

Q: Where can I get one?

  •  A: They sell them at most wellness shops – I got mine on amazon for $20 (link below)

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